May 2018


The objective of this project was to drive sales to the premises with three different promotional offers. 

The bistro had a person’s name. As such, I could capitalise on the idea and concept of a personalised invitation by the bistro in my writing. 

The copy is simple yet impactful as it clearly states the promotional offers by the bistro while keeping a friendly and inviting tone of voice.

Note: this is a sample example, details have been changed for privacy purposes. Image created using Canva.com website.


November 2016


I support charity work and this project was done pro bono to help a cat shelter. The objective was to raise funds via crowdfunding to buy new land for the shelter.

Many charities take a doom and gloom approach to appeal to target audiences, but this is not how I wanted to position the shelter. I wanted people to feel good about donating and to know that the shelter provided a happy life for its cats. 

The writing here is informative and factual, yet upbeat and light hearted at the same time to support a positive cause. It is also emotionally appealing and able to create a sense of trust among the shelter’s target audiences.

Note: this is a sample example, details have been changed for privacy purposes. As the writing is long, I am unable to post the whole piece here. Kindly do contact me if you would like to know more.


November 2016


I had the privilege of helping a friend with his new start-up hostel and this was one of the works done for the Facebook page. 

This piece involved editing, rewriting and proofreading. The original copy provided to me had great points of sale for the hostel, but wasn’t persuasive and didn’t have the right tone of voice. 

I rewrote the story for Tipsy Tiger Party Hostel to position their brand as a hip, happening and fun place which also provided value for money to an international target audience.

Today, Tipsy Tiger Party Hostel is one of the most renowned hostels in all of Malaysia. I’m really glad for their success and wish them a roaring journey in their years ahead.

Note: the date on the picture states 1 March 2018, but the writing was done much earlier when the hostel was starting out.